Why Positive Relationships are Critical 

habits self care Mar 05, 2023

After 85 years of research, a Harvard study has finally determined the #1 thing that contributes to people’s happiness and longevity.


The results might shock you…


The answer isn’t having enough money, or access to good healthcare.


It’s not eating a healthy diet with plenty of whole grains, fruit, veggies, and lean protein.


It’s not your education level or the amount of exercise you get, either.


The number one most important indicator of happiness is having positive relationships in your life.


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This study followed 724 men from when they were teens in the 1930s through the end of their lives (there were just 60 men left at the end of the study, and they are in their 90s).


After recording all sorts of health and psychological data, researchers determined that positive, healthy relationships are what leads to healthy, happy, longer lives.


With that in mind… how do you foster good relationships?


Growing deeper, stronger friendships while reducing interaction with negative and stressful influences in your life can make a profound difference in your wellbeing.


Take some time today to evaluate your relationships. Do you have people you can truly confide in? People who “get” you? Friendships that make you a better person?


As we discuss on the podcast, developing good friendships takes effort and dedication, just like developing strong muscles or good eating habits. 


It pays to work on those relationships and nurture them…


In fact, your life may depend on it!