How Yoga Changed My Life

living true yoga Mar 02, 2023

If you’ve known me for a while, then you know I came into my career in a roundabout way.


What turned things around for me, what really brought about revolution and revelation, was the act of getting on my yoga mat every day.


Whether I wanted to or not… whether I felt like it or not… 


Every day, faithfully.


It was the act of getting present to myself that turned everything around… click below and watch the video to find out how:



Through meditation and daily yoga practice, I realized that I wanted to be more present to the people I loved.


I discovered that my passion was to help people, to serve them.


That’s the key: To really get still, listen to your mind and listen to your body…


Confront your thoughts and the signals that your body is giving you, become aware of them, and use them for momentum to develop the life you deeply desire.


And that’s what Level One training is all about…


Here’s what Travis-Michael Farrell, a Level One Graduate, has to say…


“The training gave me the courage to be the person I want to be and the awareness to tune into what matters. 


I used to think that I had to prove something before I could live the life I wanted. At program [Level One], I found proof that I am “ready now,” and there’s no reason to wait. 


Now, because of Baptiste Yoga, I’m more committed than ever. Thanks to Level One, I am putting my intentions into action. 


I know I’m ready now.”


Are you ready? Enrollment is open for Level One Virtual… we start March 16th. Click Here to find out if Level One Virtual is for you!