Free Yourself from Judgment, Resentment, and Regret

grief mindset self care Apr 04, 2023

Grief is a hard thing. When my father died, I found myself dealing with some complex emotions that could have led to a lifetime of regret, self-judgment, and resentment.


I discovered that the regret I felt was keeping me from feeling at peace with the situation. And that led to some serious introspection about what regret really is.


I recently dropped a video about this on YouTube… you’ll hear my story, as well as how working through self-judgment and resentment changed everything for me.


Click below to watch the video:

All of us will face grief at some point in our lives. 


Regret is one of the most difficult things about grief… and regret is made up of 2 toxic ingredients: Self-judgment and Resentment.


Realizing that part of the process is recognizing your own self-judgment is one important factor in working through it.  


It’s natural to ask yourself… Did I spend enough time with them? Do enough for them? Appreciate the relationship as much as I should have? 


The truth is, none of us are perfect. Being honest with your shortcomings and then forgiving yourself is a big part of being able to move forward with strength, improved awareness, and peace.


On the other hand, resentment is also a part of grief. 


You may be dealing with unresolved issues, past hurts, and wounds that weren’t addressed before the person passed away.


Working through that resentment is also a part of the process. Recognize the fact that it exists… be honest about what happened, and work through the issues you’re holding on to.


Again, none of us are perfect. But forgiveness is necessary to move forward, both for yourself and others.


Are you dealing with grief? Unresolved self-judgment or resentment?


Take a moment to write it down. 


Make a list of what you’re holding against yourself. And then, with purpose, go through each thing and give yourself forgiveness and permission to move forward without carrying these judgments.


Then, do the same thing for any resentments you’ve been burdened with.


You’ll find that the freedom and peace this gives you will be life-changing!