Disrupting the Drift

living true personal development Apr 03, 2023

(Read Time: 1.5 Minutes)


Yesterday, I talked about finding your way back when you realize that you’ve drifted onto the wrong path.


You can read about that here…


The truth is, when you end up on the wrong path it’s usually because of drift rather than a single bad choice you made.


In fact, drift is often what leads us to make bad choices in the first place.


It’s much easier to drift along with the current than it is to paddle your way against it… but if the current isn’t taking you where you want to go, then drifting on it is a dangerous thing.


That’s why I call my podcast and YouTube channel  Disrupting the Drift…


Because the way to quit going down the wrong path and start heading up the right one is to make the choice to stop going with the flow and follow your inner truth.


The current is swift. There’s a lot of pressure to go with the flow these days. When you fight against it, you make yourself a target for angry words, ostracism, and ridicule. 


But when you ignore your inner compass and allow yourself to be led in the wrong direction, it causes turmoil in your own mind…


It’s a recipe for anxiety, depression, and frustration.


It’s my mission to help you fight the drift… to realize that it exists, think about where you really want to go, and then raise a sail or dip the oars and take control of the direction you want to take.


Each episode of the Disrupting the Drift podcast is made with that in mind, and every video dropped on YouTube is created to help you follow your truth, set your compass, and go forward with purpose.


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