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growth mindset Jan 05, 2023

Everyone realizes the importance of having confidence… but at the same time, nobody wants to be arrogant. 


There’s a tendency today to think of confidence as the same as being arrogant or even narcissistic, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Conversely, people often assume that insecure people are humble… and that’s also false! 


Humility is simply having a right estimation of self. 


A humble person will be confident but will also realize that they have room to grow and aren’t going to be the best at everything they try. 


Confident people


Those who have true confidence in themselves don’t feel like they need to prove themselves to anyone and are more than happy to celebrate when others succeed. 


They’re more open-minded to new ideas and they aren’t afraid of correction. 


Confident people are more optimistic and willing to take risks as well as laugh at themselves every once in a while.


They’re less afraid of mistakes and are aware that we all make them sometimes… which makes them more willing to admit to their own shortcomings. 


A confident person is also more likely to take responsibility for their own actions instead of making excuses for them.


Because of this, confident people are always learning and growing… which, in turn, builds more confidence.


Insecure people


On the other hand, people who are insecure tend to be very judgemental and jealous of others. 


Life can almost unknowingly turn into a race to see who can be the best. 


Insecure people are close-minded and don’t open themselves up to new ideas because they are afraid of being proven wrong. 


They can be afraid of change as well as being pessimistic. 


They hide their flaws from the world and try to put on a mask to shape the way that others perceive them. 


Contrary to what you might expect, insecure people can actually act like know-it-alls. Because they’re always measuring themselves against other people in an effort to prove they’re the best, they can end up constantly at war with everyone around them… 


Which can understandably lead to frustration and anger. 


Unlike the confident person, someone who’s insecure will make excuses for their actions and will avoid taking responsibility. 


They are easily threatened and may resort to blaming others for their own mistakes.


Insecure people can come off as being very confident at times… even arrogant. But it’s important to understand the root of the issue. 


In fact, false confidence is a mask to cover the fact that they’re actually insecure… at its worst, insecurity can lead to narcissism. The mask of confidence blinds even the individual to their own insecurities.


Putting it into action


Understanding that truly confident people don’t act in an arrogant way… and that insecurity often causes people to be boastful, inflexible, and competitive… can help you deal with difficult people.


It can also help you understand yourself… are there times when you find yourself in unhealthy competition with others, or feeling jealous when someone succeeds rather than being happy for them?


Insecurity could be the root of the problem. We all deal with this at times…


Taking some time to meditate on this and focusing on building your own confidence will help you grow personally, improve your relationships, and be a happier person.


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