Be Careful Who You Trust

growth living true Dec 15, 2022

Do you trust people too quickly? You might feel like trusting people and giving them the benefit of the doubt is always virtuous… 


But the truth is, having people around you who you can’t trust is dangerous.


Betrayal from those closest to you can cause a deep, lingering wound in your soul. Short-term distress and hurt from broken trust might pass over time… 


But the loss of trust remains a reminder that our most valued relationships are not always what they seem.


We're all searching for somebody to lean on, who we can trust and rely upon. 


But when people let us down - whether they betray our trust or lie straight to our face… 


Too often we find ourselves quick to forgive because of insecurity or fear of being alone rather than standing up against injustice and valuing our right to be treated with respect and consideration.


Sometimes it's hard to confront the truth, especially when it involves people close to you. 


But in order for real growth and progress to happen, we must take an honest look at ourselves and our relationships, and be honest when trust has become an issue.


It's time to face the music. 


We all make excuses for people we care about, but sometimes there comes a point where pretending everything is okay only prolongs the inevitable truth. 


Untangling this web of lies and inconsistencies can be difficult, yet when done it leads us closer to real understanding - even if that means accepting some uncomfortable realities along the way.


Consistent action builds trust - that's the only way to forge lasting relationships. 


Don’t do yourself the injustice of putting up with someone who you can’t trust!