How to Make 2023 Your Year!

growth living true Jan 17, 2023

Here’s what I’ve been hearing again and again lately:


“I’m ready for a change.”


You, too?


We’ve had a few tough years. But even hard times have a silver lining… and one of the things that’s happening in a lot of people’s lives is, they’ve come face to face with what needs to be different in their lives.


“It’s hard to explain,” said a friend of mine when we were catching up the other day. “But after spending weeks in quarantine with my family, months working from home, and facing all the craziness… I just see things differently.”


He went on to explain that something had shifted in his life, and he was really feeling the need to take an inventory of his life… to remove the things that were holding him back, and finally set himself FREE to live the full, exciting, and fulfilling life he longs for.


“I want to be the best person I can be, really be present and engaged in what matters the most. I think it’ll make me a better husband, a better father.”


My friend isn’t alone… I feel that tug myself. 


A lot of people do… and that’s why I chose now to launch the Live True Fit to Live Fully vacation adventure course next month.


It’s time. 


It’s time to give yourself the space to really grow, to regroup, and to recenter.


I chose Caye Caulker, Belize, as the backdrop for this retreat because of its stunning beauty, and because it’s a place that will embrace you, warm you, and give you the opportunity to breathe in the healing ocean air… a place full of possibilities, adventure, and peace.

Rest. Relaxation. Revival…


Yoga on the white sand beaches, a course that will lead you through the jumble of accumulated thoughts, fears, and stresses and help you sort them out, process them, and put them to rest.


Time spent away… a chance to unplug from the pressure and revel in being right where you are. 


This retreat also offers you the opportunity to try new things you never thought possible… scuba diving, zip lining, exploring ancient ruins, sailing along the glassy Caribbean Sea as the sun sets… 


And come home a new person. Transformed, renewed, ready to move forward with strength, courage, and purpose!


There’s still time to join me in Belize, from February 25th through March 2nd…


And see what’s truly possible for you in 2023 and beyond!


CLICK HERE for more information on the trip.