When Success is Disastrous

growth mindset Dec 14, 2022

Everyone wants to be successful, right? 


There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, success is something to be proud of, enjoy, and celebrate!


But success is a two-edged sword.


The very thing that we’re striving for and celebrating… can also be the thing that takes us down, sidelines us, and keeps us out of the game.


In ancient Greece, athletes used to compete for an unusual prize… not gold, silver, or the chance to get their face on a box of Wheaties.


Instead, the winner was given a crown of laurel leaves… A simple, basic reward that was valuable simply because of its symbolism.


Has life given you a few crowns of laurel? Here’s something to keep in mind if you want to continue to move upward and do even greater things in the future:

The saying “Don’t rest on your laurels” stems from the Greek tradition of laurel wreaths… 


It simply means, “don’t assume you have “arrived” and quit working.”


In fact, the moment you say “That’s it! I’ve arrived!” is the moment you start the downward slide toward mediocrity. 


Check out this YouTube video, where I go into more detail…


It’s no wonder so many people end up crashing and burning after experiencing success.


Think how many one-hit-wonders there are… how many celebrities end up in the headlines for drunk driving, messy divorces, or landing in rehab not long after they “make it big.”


The thing is, you’re either growing (expanding) or you’re shrinking (contracting). There’s really no such thing as standing still… so resting on your laurels really means that you’re heading in the wrong direction.


Action Points


Working hard toward a goal? Keep it up… but don’t hang your hopes on the success you’ll experience once you reach it.


Instead, right now, before you hit your goal, plan out the next step.


Once you experience success, what will you do next? What are the first 3 steps that you’ll need to take in order to stay on the path to expansion and growth?


Then, when success comes…


Enjoy it. Bask in it for a minute. Celebrate with friends and family. Take a moment to appreciate what you’ve achieved…


And then, move forward. Keep your momentum going… 


Because it’s far easier to keep moving when you’ve got momentum going than it is to have to start from a place of stagnation!